Common Myths About The Middle Ages

January 14, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Steve Kolenberg dispelled some of the most common myths about the Middle Ages:

  • Knights weren’t particularly honourable. As professional warriors they didn’t quite understand the concept of ‘peace-time’ and would slaughter the inhabitants of rival villages.
  • Sex was rampant. Most marriages were loveless political agreements between families which meant that extramarital affairs happened relatively often. Prostitution was so common that even the Church licensed some brothels.
  • The Church did not hold back science during this period, it actually saved it. Universities such as Oxford and Cambridge were established by the Church and helped it to encourage literacy and progress.
  • People didn’t die young. While the average life expectancy was low, this was because of high child mortality rates. Once an individual survived childhood they were expected to see their 70s.

Find the entire list here and see why women didn’t have it too bad then, why life was kind of a party, and why things didn’t smell too bad back then.

Source: Cracked