All The Kings’ Chefs

August 28, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Allison Adato wrote about an exclusive club composed entirely of chefs who cook for Presidents and Kings around the world:

  • Le Club des Chefs des Chefs only allows chefs who cook for heads of states into its ranks.
  • During group meetings they engage in activities such as preparing an international meal that was served at a Harlem soup kitchen.
  • They also exchange tips – salads and raw vegetables shouldn’t be served to Chinese guests.
  • Other tidbits of advice include Hillary Clinton’s love for sweet potatoes and that Joe Biden “will eat anything”.
  • The chefs have usually talked to one another outside of the club. It is customary for the chef of a head of state to call their counterpart if a foreign head of state is coming to visit, to find out if there are any allergies, preferences, or Halal requirements.
  • Sometimes chefs are even schooled by foreign visitors. South Korea’s first lady got into the kitchen with one chef and helped cook to make sure the food was authentically Korean.

Read about the club, when it was founded, how chefs ensure that meals don’t repeat, and more over here.

Source: Roads & Kingdoms