A Movie That Could Make A Profit Before Its Released

June 7, 2013 in Daily Bulletin

Garth Franklin, Maureen Morrison, and Alex Ben Block write that despite not having been released yet, Man of Steel has already made back most of the cost of producing the film:

  • Man of Steel had a production budget of $225 million. It already has $170 million in promotional tie-ins – and some international ones have yet to be announced.
  • Warby Parker, for example, is offering Clark Kent glasses and Gillette has produced a series of spots showing how Superman shaves.
  • Nokia, the film’s biggest global partner, had its name on the final Man of Steel trailer, has launched a dedicated Man of Steel app, and is producing a limited edition Superman branded version of its Lumia phones.
  • It’s not just promotional placements and tie-ins. The makers of the film are becoming personally involved with some of the brands. The director, Zack Snyder, is directing a commercial for Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr.
  • Advertizers have flocked to the Superman film in a way that they never did to the Batman films, since Superman is thought to be a more accessible character.

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