Why Our Future Will be Amazing

April 21, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Ronald Bailey had the chance to sit down with the authors of Abundance: Why The Future Will Be Much Better Than You Think. Some of the things they talked about included:

  • Our future looks set to be pretty amazing with technology improving the standard of living for everybody.
  • The reason why we’re so often pessimistic and afraid of the future is because we’ve evolutionary evolved to be scared and focus on negative information.
  • There are three tiers of challenges that have to be overcome before we enter a period of global abundance. They are:
    • Water, food, and shelter.
    • Energy, education, and information.
    • Freedom and healthcare
  • Luckily the solutions to these problems multiply – providing clean water, for example, helps solve a lot of diseases.
  • Technology spreads exponentially. From being a luxury product in the 90s, there are 5.6 billion mobile phones in the world today.

To read about the way to overcome the three tiers of obstacles, a take on the Green Revolution, and the role that entrepreneurship has to play, click here.

Source: Reason

Via: Newmark’s Door