Why Isn’t the Younger Generation Buying Cars?

April 2, 2012 in Daily Bulletin, Signature

Jordan Weissman discusses an emerging trend: the younger generation just doesn’t seem to be interested in driving. Not only are they buying fewer cars, fewer of them even have licenses. An outline of the problem incudes:

  • Younger people now seem more interested in buying smart phones and gaming consoles rather than cars.
  • Younger people also prefer living in urban environments where things are at a walking distance.
  • The younger generation has also been through rough economic times and has learnt to make do without automobiles.
  • GM has appointed a ‘youth emissary’ to remedy this problem.
  • Chevrolet has started selling colours such as “techno pink”, “lemonade” and “denim” to appeal to a younger market.

To read about whether or not this shift is permanent, how successful the automobile-maker’s efforts have been, the types of cars that might appeal to the young, and what exactly Millenials are, click here.

Source: The Atlantic