Tornadoes Take Weekends Off?

January 15, 2012 in Daily Bulletin, Signature

Researchers have found a fascinating pattern. During the summer in the Eastern US storms occur 20% above average in the middle of the week and 20% below average over the weekend. What’s causing tornadoes to take weekends off? And if they suffer from weekday fatigue are they also affected by the Monday blues? While the researchers have failed to respond to our request for comment on the latter question they did have some theories for the former:

  • Air pollution peaks in the middle of the week due to commuter traffic. Moisture gathers around the specks of pollution which leads to more cloud droplets.
  • This relationship does not hold true in the west because the air is too dry and the clouds are too high
  • The researchers conclude that their study: “provides yet another good reason for reducing air pollution”

To read more about the science behind the phenomena click here.

Source: National Geographic

Via: Freakonomics