Titanic II

August 25, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

We’ve discussed this problem before, but being a billionaire is…hard. You have to decide what to do with all that money. You could try mining asteroids or just dress up as a rodent and fight crime. You can now add building replica cruise ships to the list. Duncan Kennedy reports that one Australian billionaire plans to build a replica of the Titanic:

  • The planned launch date is 2016 and Titanics III and IV may follow.
  • The ship will, like the original, have three classes, and those in third class will have the opportunity to share rooms and partake in Irish jigs.
  • It will have replica lifeboats. (Although as a concession to its passengers it will also come equipped with modern lifeboats that can fit all of the passengers on the ship.)
  • Other differences include air conditioning and internet, as well as a wider base to meet modern stability standards.
  • Each room will have a wooden cabinet with a picture of the person who occupied the room on the original Titanic, as well as a short biography that tells you if the person lived or died.

Check out the full report over here, and find out how credible the plan really is.

Source: BBC