The Rise Of Butlers

October 16, 2012 in Daily Bulletin, Signature

Despite some unwanted coverage, Butlers have become increasingly popular writes The Economist:

  • These days butlers must fulfill several roles. They should be able to plan events involving the world’s biggest celebrities, manage overseas investments, and take care of their boss’ whims and fancies.
  • For this the top butlers can expect to earn $240,000 plus a bonus and all expenses paid.
  • One agency’s butler training services are booked through 2013.
  • The main employers are Chinese, Russian and Middle Eastern. The British system of class greatly appeals to them.
  • Media portrayals of Butlers as discreet and resourceful have increased their popularity.
  • Classes are also available for employers to learn how not to embarrass themselves around their butlers. For around $13,000 the rich can learn the difference between desert and pudding, as well as how port should be passed.

Read more about their recent popularity and why Latin America might be the next big market over here.

Source: The Economist