The Last Meal

September 23, 2012 in Daily Bulletin, Signature

Before being executed, it is tradition to offer inmates whatever last meal they desire. Dashiell Bennett looked at a study that examined what exactly people ordered for their last meal:

  • The average last meal had 2,756 calories.
  • Over 80% requested meat. Over 60% requested something fried.
  • Fruits and vegetables were rarely ordered (obviously.) But pasta and pizza were also rare.
  • 20% didn’t order anything.
  • Branded foods were popular – probably because they didn’t want to be surprised or disappointed for their final meal.
  • This study has scientific value: it suggests that perhaps doctors shouldn’t tell patients they may die if they eat unhealthily. Knowing that one’s demise is imminent seems to make people eat more unhealthily – because they know it won’t matter.

See what one of these meals looked like, previous analysis of people’s last meal, and other details over here.

Source: The Atlantic