The History Of Toilet Paper

August 6, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Michael Sacasas took a look at the history of toilet paper:

  • Toilet paper was used in China by the 1300s.
  • In other places people would make use of what was around such as leaves.
  • Until the end of the 1800s Americans used discarded reading material.
  • The Farmer’s Almanac came with a hole punched in it so that it could be hung up and have its pages torn off with ease.
  • It is unclear if this is why Americans today still take reading material to the bathroom.
  • Toilet paper first appeared in 1857 but it wasn’t declared “splinter-free” until 1935.
  • Two-ply paper appeared in 1942.
  • There was a toilet paper shortage in 1973.

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Source: The Frailest Thing

Via: Marginal Revolution