The Highest Income Among The Dead

October 26, 2012 in Daily Bulletin, Signature

Which deceased person makes the most money? Dorothy Pomerantz wrote:

  • Michael Jackson has been dead for two years, but he still managed to bring in $145 million last year.
  • His twitter account has probably helped. Presumably it is Michael Jackson’s ghost who is responsible for tweeting to almost 900,000 followers.
  • However the King of Pop is not the top earner among the deceased. The actress Elizabeth Taylor earned $210 million last year. This is primarily due to an auction of her jewelry.
  • Einstein managed to make $10 million last year. In 2015 it will be the 100th anniversary of his famous theory of relativity and his income will likely shoot up then.
  • Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, and Dr. Seuss all feature on the list.

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Source: Forbes