Starting a Whiskey Company

December 14, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

It is widely accepted that the older a whiskey is, the better the flavour. Which is great for established companies, but how do start-ups manage? Here are a few thoughts from Katy Waldam:

  • American ryes and premium bourbons take around 5 years to mature. By contrast, Scotch and Irish whiskeys take closer to 10 years.
  • Companies that wish to turn a profit from as soon as possible can buy “sourced” whiskey from other companies, and sell this until their own supplies are ready. The High West Distillery and Angel’s Envy are doing just this.
  • There are companies which actually specialise in selecting and mixing other distiller’s produce. They can also add flavours or spices to these whiskeys; but legally only water to bourbon.
  • There is considerable debate as to whether bourbon improves with age.

Read more about distilling, which whiskey was sold in “tear shaped crystal decanters with silver stoppers” and the cause of the drink’s distinctive amber colour over here.

Source: Slate