Quirky Records Held By Countries

May 31, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

The World Geography created “a list of countries that are not like other countries.” Some of the highlights include:

  • Canada has more than 60% of the world’s lakes. In fact, it has so many that the exact number has never been counted.
  • The country of Indonesia is made up of over 17,500 islands. Only 6,000 are inhabited.
  • 99% of Libya is a desert – more than any other country in the world.
  • Mongolia has the lowest population density with just 4.4 people per square mile.
  • Ukraine is the fastest disappearing country – its population is decreasing by 0.8% a year, and between now and 2050 it is expected to lose 28% of its population.

To read many more, and to find out which country has 15% of the world’s coral reefs, which country is in the jungle, the country that is below sea level, the only country-continent in the world, and the country that only gets around a thousand visitors a year, click here.

Source: The World Geography

Via: Newmark’s Door