Prison Food

September 2, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Adam Aspinall reported on an initiative to help prisoners build careers once they have finished serving their time:

  • Award-winning chef Alberto Crisci is opening a restaurant inside of a Welsh prison in Cardiff.
  • All of the food at the restaurant will be cooked and served by inmates.
  • Only those with between six and 18 months left on their sentence will be allowed to work in the restaurant. No sex or substance abusers allowed.
  • Inmates will be paid £14 an hour, and are expected to work 40 hours a week.
  • The idea is to help the inmates build culinary skills that will allow them to find top jobs in hotels and restaurants, hopefully keeping them away from crime.

Read more about the initiative over here. They are not the first one to try out something like this. Centives has previous reported on similar arrangements in India and Honduras.

Source: Mirror

Via: Marginal Revolution