Luxury University Campuses

December 9, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

High Point University – a campus that’s trying to attract top students with luxury accommodations – is facing stiff competition according to Dawn Wotapka. Luxury campus living is becoming increasingly popular:

  • Students can now find university living accommodations with amenities rivaling those of resorts. They include individual bed and bathrooms, super-sized televisions, and, in one case, a 300 foot long lazy river.
  • The luxury accommodation generally isn’t built by the University. However the private developers try their best to build a campus community. Housing is often restricted only to students, cookies are available in common areas, and students willing to tutor others might be offered free housing.
  • Real estate developers have found it to be the ideal market – there is a guaranteed customer base that can usually rely on high-income parents to pay the rent.
  • However the private dorms might struggle as online education continues to grow.

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Source: The Wall Street Journal