Iran’s Eroding Economy

July 8, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Thomas Erdbrink took a look at Iran’s rapidly declining economy:

  • Iran’s currency last lost 50% of its value compared to other currencies in the past year.
  • This has caused runaway inflation – the government estimates it at 25%, while economists say it’s much higher.
  • Iranians now live by speculation, not by production. They convert their money into American dollars and watch it rise in value, or use the money to buy land and cars.
  • Meanwhile the value of people’s savings erode overnight.
  • Oil sanctions are a part of the reason for the economy’s failing state.
  • However policies pursued by the government have also contributed to the problem. The government used oil revenues to ramp up imports, putting domestic producers out of business.
  • State subsidies for food and gas have also encouraged over-consumption and hurt the economy.

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Source: New York Times