Indian Butlers

December 19, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Indian butlers are the latest trend in imports to the United States writes Jesse McKinley:

  • The Pierre hotel on New York’s Fifth Avenue has launched a royal attaché service for guests at the hotel’s 11 Grand Suites.
    • These suites can cost up to $20,000 a night.
  • The royal attachés are butlers trained in India where such luxurious treatment is standard fare at high-class hotels.
  • The butlers are proficient in various subjects including in-room dining, international customs, fixing shoelaces, drawing baths, cleaning carpets, fixing remotes, and “power dressing”.
  • They also have keen observation skills so that they can anticipate “unspoken wishes”.
  • The three that have come to the States were selected from a pool of thousands of other candidates. They underwent six months of additional training to prepare for the American market.

Read more about the butlers, the services they offer, why it’s not possible to have a request that is too bizarre, and what they would wish for if somebody was waiting on them, over here.

Source: The New York Times

Via: Marginal Revolution