How to Win at Scissor-Paper-Stone

March 21, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Natalie Wolchover met with the organizer of the Rock-Paper-Scissor World Championship (no, really, it’s a thing) to find out what strategies you can use to win at the game:

  • Inexperienced players have a tendency to play ‘stone’
  • If a player has repeated the same move twice, they’re unlikely to do it a third time.
  • In pre-game discussions use your hands to subtly gesture the move you want your opponent to play. You should be able to prime them into doing so.
  • Announce what move you’re going to play and then…play it. It’ll throw your opponents off.

To read about how to deal with more experienced players, other strategies to win at the game, and a really cheap strategy for those who are “willing to sacrifice honour and integrity” click here.

Source: Yahoo News

Via: Newmark’s Door