How To Profit From The End Of The World

November 30, 2012 in Daily Bulletin, Signature

The planet is warming. There are very few people who would dispute this. And as with anything in economics, any time there is certainty about an event, there is a profit to be made. Here’s how an aspiring millionaire can make money from the end of the world:

  • As companies adapt to the effects of rising sea levels and changing weather patterns, climate change consulting has become a $1.9 billion a year business…and is expected to grow.
  • Wind and Solar Energy companies also look like promising long-term investments.
  • Low-lying lands along the coast will be most affected and so investors should yank their money out of Thailand and China.
  • Changing conditions will make agriculture difficult in Africa and Latin America. But the agriculture industry should grow rapidly in Canada where warmer temperatures will be more conducive to farming.
  • The price of oil is also likely to rise, making oil a pretty safe bet.

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Source: Quartz