Finding The Cheapest Flights

October 2, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

There’s a new website that can help you find cheap flights the next time you need to travel, writes Randall Stross:

  • At you post the itinerary that you would like to fly. Registered users then compete to find you the lowest fare possible.
  • The person who finds the best fare gets a “finder’s fee” most of which range between $34 and $59.
  • One traveler whose trip included 15 destinations over four months was able to save several thousands of dollars by using the site.
  • Users can also specify if they need to travel with their pet or carry an odd sized item such as a surfboard – something that standard flight searching algorithms can’t do.

Read more about how the site works, who searches for the fares, and the amount of money that people have made and saved through the site over here.

Source: The New York Times

Via: Marginal Revolution