Economics Hacks: Getting Cheap Airplane Tickets

October 24, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

As the holidays approach and people plan their travels, Andrea Murad took a look at how you can ensure you get the lowest airfares:

  • Flight tickets drop to their lowest levels in the window 18-28 days before your trip.
    • Domestic flights in particular are cheapest if they’re bought 21 days before the departure date.
    • A week later prices will have risen by 5% and a week before the flight they will have risen 30%.
  • Airlines will announce their bargain deals either late Tuesday or early Wednesday.
  • Flights departing on Wednesday are the cheapest. Those departing on Tuesday or Saturday aren’t bad either.
  • Early morning flights are also cheaper and have the added bonus of generally being on time.
  • Two one way tickets on different airlines can, at times, be substantially cheaper than a round trip.

There are several more tips here, where you can also find out precisely how much you’ll be likely to save if you pursue these strategies.

Source: Fox Business

Via: Newmark’s Door