Could Facebook Make More Money By Paying You?

November 9, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Facebook’s share price has been unimpressive in recent times. David Goldman presented an idea that could turn things around for the massive social network, and in the process see you receiving checks from the company:

  • Facebook’s problem is that it doesn’t exploit its users as well as other companies exploit theirs. Google makes $7 off each of its users. Facebook makes just $1.28.
  • The social network could set up a scheme where it offers to pay users a small amount – say $10 a month – to make detailed personal information about them available to advertizers who would then pay for that information.
  • Everybody wins. Facebook gets money from advertizers. Advertizers market their products to users likely to want them. And users hear about products that would appeal to them – while getting a small check each month.
  • It might even help deal with privacy concerns – since users are given the choice about whether or not they want their information given to others.

To read more about why the idea of an ‘information market’ isn’t particularly new, why Facebook makes it feasible, and what gives Facebook the advantage over its rivals, click here.

Source: CNN