Build Your Own Biography

August 31, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Wolfram Alpha has released a new feature that allows you to generate a mini-biography on your life based on data from your Facebook account. Some of the remarkable things in the 60 page report on your life include:

  • The weather when you were born.
  • The countries your friends reside in.
  • The day and time that you post the most often.
  • The post and photo of yours that is the most liked.
  • The friend that posts the most on your page.
  • The gender and relationship status distribution of your friends.
  • The most common first and last name among your friends.
  • The stand out feature though is a visualization of your network (pictured above). You’ll see clustered cliques as well as the people who cross the divide, and the person that you share the most friends with.

It’s a fascinating tool and you can find instructions on how to use it for your own Facebook over here. The best part? It doesn’t make a post on your profile advertising to the world that you used it, or what the results were.

Source: Wolfram Alpha Blog