An International Diplomacy Consultancy

November 28, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Cristina Odone wrote about Independent Diplomat – a consultancy that helps marginalized non-state actors gain access to the upper echelons of diplomats:

  • Independent Diplomat helps set up meetings between the world’s top decision makers, such as members of the security council, and those who want to present a case to them.
  • It played a role in helping South Sudan become its own state and it is currently working with Somaliland, Kosovo, and the Marshall Islands among others.
  • While it is a consultancy, it is not a lobbyist organization. It does not make the case for its clients, rather, it creates a forum where its clients can have their voices heard.
  • It is also selective about the groups it chooses to work with. They only help “the good guys”.

The full article offers a fuller critical perspective of what Independent Diplomat is and what it is trying to do, as well as its place in a changing international system. If you’re interested in the topic, it’s well worth a read.

Source: Foreign Policy