Afghan RadioShack

December 11, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

The latest initiative to modernize Afghanistan’s economy depends on RadioShack writes Nick Leiber:

  • Beyond fast food shops in American bases, there aren’t many western franchises in Afghanistan.
  • Yet there is a great demand for them from young Afghans who have grown up with the internet and access to global cultural norms.
  • RadioShack, which intends to sell seven franchises in 2013, is joining up with other companies such as Hertz and AlphaGraphics to tap the Afghan market.
  • The United States supports these efforts as the franchise system is an effective way to transfer expertise and knowledge to help the country develop.
    • An Afghan RadioShack buyer would, for example, be sent for two weeks of training in the United States to learn about the company’s culture and corporate practices.

Read more about the benefits that this may have for Afghanistan as well as the challenges that lie ahead over here.

Source: Business Week