A Rave Party During Lunch Break

May 30, 2012 in Daily Bulletin

Nathalie Rothschild described the latest trend in Sweden: Lunch time Rave Parties:

  • In 2010 a group of friends decided that they wanted to spend their lunch hour dancing and started doing so in the office garage. Soon more and more people started to join in.
  • The movement is now called “Lunch Beat” and can be organized by anybody. Some of the rules include:
    • The event must start promptly at 12 and end at 1.
    • A takeaway meal must be offered and is included in the ticket price.
    • No drugs or alcohol.
  • The organizers say that by completely removing employees from the workplace they help employees forget about work and come back refreshed and re-energized.
  • Observers say there is no sexual tension at the rave-like events. It is more of a fun alternative to a lunchtime workout.
  • Some companies now buy tickets to these events for their employees as a perk.

To read more about what the Lunch Beat events are like, why Sweden is different from Denmark and the Netherlands, the success of a Belgian version of the movement, why participants say they enjoy it, what the Swedish language council has to say about it, and why organizers want dancers not gawkers, click here.

Source: Slate