Water Dispensing ATMs

September 29, 2011 in Daily Bulletin

In India most people know that they shouldn’t drink the water that comes from the taps as it is unlikely to be safe for human consumption. A company called Piramal Water Private Limited decided to come up with a profitable solution to the clean water drinking crisis. The system involves:

  • A solar powered ATM that dispenses clean water for 0.30 (US$0.60) a liter.
  • These ATMs have wireless technology that continuously report the water usage to the company, and allow it to quickly repair any broken machines.
  • The company uses a franchise model so that anybody can become a partner, thus spreading clean water throughout the country and improving living standards.

To find out why the water is sold under the brand name Sarvajal as well as to find out how the price of water compares to the income of the average rural Indian click here.

Source: Seattle Weekly