The Sexonomics of Gender Equality

August 14, 2011 in Daily Bulletin

We’ve previously covered how college sex conforms quite well to the laws of supply and demand. A Florida University Social Psychologist recently decided to apply the same type of analysis to see how gender equality changes the ‘market forces’ involved in sex. He concludes that “gender equality means more sex”. In an interview with Salon he answered some questions about his research. The highlights of the interview include:

  • In the sexual market “women have the supply and men represent the demand.” The price of sex is the amount that men have to commit to attain it.
  • On describing how women treat sex the researcher argued that “It’s a bit like OPEC.” Sex is a resource that women control, and to ensure that the price of sex remains high women restrict each other’s sexuality through the use of tools such as gossip and shame.
  • Because gender equality means that sex is no longer “a woman’s only ticket to a good life” she no longer needs “to get a really good return” and this brings down the price of sex thus increasing the promiscuity of a society.

Read the rest of the interview over here.

Source: Salon