The Future of Advertising

June 2, 2011 in Daily Bulletin

BBC News took a look at how outdoor advertising is changing in the digital world. While such ads are overshadowed by Google’s online ad network, the BBC found that the distinction between online and outdoors was increasingly shrinking. You can read more over here.

Some of the more interesting ad concepts included:

  • An ad aimed at dads put two screens on top of each other in a bus shelter. The higher one presented information about the Ford Galaxy while the lower one entertained the child.
  • An ad for Aero Caramel Chocolate asked passersbys how they’d respond to common moral dilemmas. After five questions they were told how “love-a-bubble” they were
  • There will soon be ads that change based on the weather
  • Ads can also instantly be updated with new developments

Read more over here.

Source: BBC News