Santa’s Workload

December 25, 2011 in Daily Bulletin

How many children does Santa have to deliver presents to every hour? Philip Bump at The Atlantic
decided to find out. He took into account several factors including the global distribution of children and the changing time zones. He assumed that only Christian children get a visit from Santa, and while the Centives staff can assure you that, from personal experience, this just isn’t true, it’s a fascinating analysis all the same. His findings include:

  • There are over 500 million Christian children under the age of 14 who Santa needs to deliver presents to.
  • That means that Santa has to deliver the presents at an overall rate of about 6,100 a second.
  • Assuming that Santa starts at the international date line and then goes west his schedule seems alright until he hits Europe and has to deliver presents to almost 100 million children

To read some of the other conclusions find the full article over here.

Merry Christmas everybody – we hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday season and we want to thank you all for making Centives such an outstanding success.

Source: The Atlantic

Via: Freakonomics