The Fastest Growing Career Paths

in Daily Bulletin

The New York Times reported on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ list of the fastest-growing occupations. There’ll be more than a million new jobs in these fields by 2018:

  • Biomedical Engineer (72%)*
  • Network Systems and Data Communications Analyst (53%)
  • Home Health Aide (50%)
  • Personal and Home Care Aide (46%)
  • Financial Examiner (41%)
  • Medical Scientist (40%)
  • Physician Assistant (39%)
  • Skin Care Specialist (38%)
  • Biochemist and Biophysicist (37%)
  • Athletic Trainer (37%)

* % indicates the increase in number of jobs in that field by 2018

The New York Times notes that the majority of these jobs are related to healthcare. Read the full article to find out the average salary for each of these career paths as well as details about why the field is growing and what types of skills you need to enter it.

Source: New York Times